STOP the copy-cat posts and be unique with attraction marketing – Natalie Walsh

STOP the copy-cat posts and be unique with attraction marketing

Attractio​​​​​n Marketing or the secret to growing your Network Marketing Business on ALL Social Media Platforms

Have you ever thought about quitting your business because you are struggling to find new customers or business builders to join you?  

A few months ago I was ready to Quit my Network Marketing Business, I was tired of the home parties that were cancelled, the "coffee dates" that were to be sales pitches, the constant ASKING if people were interested in "talking a look" at my opportunity or products.

Scrolling through my text messages and finding the last message to an acquaintance, new friend, or someone I hadn't talked to FOREVER was a "HEY GIRL..." Text or "SPECIAL Pricing Buy NOW" Ad...  made me sick to my stomach and frankly embarrassed I even pulled the trigger on that one.  

Not only that ...I wondered - If they even were my friends anymore.  

Most Uplines are lost or mis-informed when it comes to social media marketing.  Many are teaching extremely outdated techniques to building a business online if they are teaching that strategy at all.  What worked 2 years ago that brought online business builders massive success no longer works today.

People don't want to be spammed or see ads in their feeds on Social Media any more...Do you know if you are spamming?

1.  Do you frequently post photos, gifs, or boomerangs of your magic drink?

2.  Do you make sure your posts have your company logo discretely in the shot?

3.  Do you post BEFORE/AFTERS daily?

4. Do you have a formula for posting that looks something like 1 post Personal, 1 post inspirational, 1 post business related?

5.  Do you send ANY private messages to strangers or new acquaintances with the most current Never Again to be seen Sale Price?

6. Do you ask"new" friends to do you a favor and post their ad on your feed?

7.  Do you only join groups or comment on posts with a hidden agenda to see if they have a PROBLEM your product can solve?

If you answered "Yes" to ANY of the 7 questions above AND those activities make you feel salesey or spammy-- you just might be ready for a new strategy.

 Don't feel too bad...I have been there too GAH

Don't get me wrong - if you like and are successful with Home Parties, 3 Way Calls, and Coffee Shop Meetings & if your social media marketing plan is working...keep doing what makes you happy.

Keep in can also build additional business online with attraction marketing.  No one says you can't do both.

Last month alone my business was in front of over 3000 people, by using the proven online strategy of attraction marketing, how many home parties would you have to do to get that kind of exposure?

Want to know the 1 thing you can do right now to recruit people on social media?

Quit Posting The Name Of Your Company and Your Products.

People shouldn't even be able to figure out which company you're with.

Now I know this might feel schmarmy, but you want to create some intrigue and curiosity.  Plus - what if you change companies or the company changes it's way of doing business or worse the company shuts down - it's good to market YOU.

Honestly if they really dig they can find out anyway.  If it is the only way they will talk to you - give it to them and they will make their own decision based on whatever they find good or bad.  

By creating some curiosity and focusing on what you can do for people or help them with you will build relationships around trust, people will like you and they will get to know you - the same things apply to building your business face to face as it does for online

“When I Stopped Prospecting People, My Business Started Growing!”

I can’t tell you how relieved I felt, when I was able to go out with my friends, visiting family or be in a public place without having to think about how to get them to ask me what I do for a living so I could prospect them.

Just enjoying being normal again, was incredible, after four years of being taught that “everyone was a prospect” and approaching every conversation with a hidden agenda, I was free!

When I STOPPED prospecting my business actually started growing!

Weird, right?


First, I have to say that there are people who are very skilled prospectors and recruiters who completely disregard the way their business practices makes others feel.  They are ruthless and GO FOR THE NO...because the more No's you get the closer you are to a YES - what a bunch of crap.

The true problem with prospecting, as it’s normally taught, is the mindset going in, is still about what YOU want people to do and about manipulating people into doing what you want them to do.

In other words, it’s about YOU, not them. I don't like that way of doing business although I have to admit, I tried it for a little while but I felt icky and it was clear I was uncomfortable with that approach…Until I found a better way.


I discovered an online business strategy, which allowed me to stop prospecting every moment of the day…

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people on social media, I learned how to legitimately get Facebook and other social media networks to actually help me attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer, using their ads platform!

This strategy is called ‘attraction marketing’, which is an internet marketing strategy designed for network marketers and people in direct sales!

Attraction Marketing

Earlier I showed you how I used to post pictures of myself drinking my shake. I was pretty clueless when it came to building my business online.

Thankfully I came across this FREE 10 Day Bootcamp that taught me how to use a strategy called "Attraction Marketing" to grow my business.

So if you are wondering what Attraction Marketing is all about I want you to imagine this...

When you start your day (after your coffee of course) you open up your email, and get excited for your day! You are excited because you see new leads,commissions and people asking to join your team. This didn't happen over night or by accident. It happened because you followed a proven step by step system to attract people to you online.

I am not talking about your aunt Millie,  your BFF, or your sister-in-law. I am talking about highly qualified people that you've never physically met.

That is "Attraction Marketing".  It's a SWEET way to do business don't you think.

Now, you might be thinking. "HMMM REALLY? ...this sounds too good to be true". If that is what you are thinking trust me. I get it I kicked tires for 2 years before I made the decision to try something NEW.

I was so ready to try another method, because spamming my newsfeed with lame selfies of products and logos was getting pretty old and I knew it wasn't working.

So, if you're ready to build your business online with a proven strategy then get started with this FREE 10  Day Bootcamp

I look forward to watching you succeed!



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