ABOUT ME – Natalie Walsh


Hi, my name is Natalie Walsh, it is always nice to get to know someone before you decide to work with them - here is a little bit about me. 

I was raised in a rural area of Oregon about 20 minutes from Portland. My parents had a small farm and I learned how to drive a tractor at the age of 10!  As the oldest of 3 kids, I learned how to have a lot of responsibility very young and since that time I have loved being creative and independent.

When I was growing up, my parents both worked outside of our home and tried to build side businesses as well - farming

blackberries and raising pigs for sale, breeding and selling show Collies, my Dad was good at repairing cars and trucks so he did side work, they also signed up with Shaklee .   I learned very young, building residual income outside of your job was important!

I started earning money when I was 12 picking berries – I no longer wanted to wear Sears Tough-skins jeans I wanted some San Francisco Riding gear which, in my parents opinion, was WAAAY too expensive so I had to make the money myself. Then of course  at 15 I wanted to save for a car…

We had a great childhood – playing in the forest, riding bikes and motor cycles, building forts, laying in the sun, walking to the local grocery store and get ice cream cones – rock candy and scoping out the boys taking out people’s groceries…That’s where I saw HIM – the boy I was going to marry…Haha, yeah right said my 13 year old best friend…AND I did! 

Tim (the boy at the grocery store) and I have been married for 34 years!  We have three grown children (a daughter and two sons) and we have 4 Grandboys who call me Mema and I love it! 

I purchased my first car for $500 when I was 16…I still have the car it is a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang.

Over the last 30 years, I have enjoyed being and entrepreneur in a variety of businesses...Network Marketing, Real Estate, Food Product Inventor, Pet Product Inventor, Home Day Care, Soap Making, Teaching and Owning a Jazzercise Center, Nutrition Coaching, and Co-Owned a manufacturing business...each one has taught me different skills and allowed me to develop tools needed to start, run and have a successful online business.

We started a machine shop in the garage of our suburban home...and for 14 years we grew the business.  As we expanded and moved to bigger and bigger 

locations, I was managing the office and Tim was managing the shop.  We had 20 employees and three shifts!  We had just moved into our dream building when 9/11 happened and our entire world came down…our customers cancelled purchase orders, our loans were called due and we had to declare bankruptcy--We LOST EVERYTHING including our way of life and had absolutely zero $ put away---everything was gone including our house! 

In our 40’s we had to start completely over no jobs, no retirement, no home, no cars, nothing but the old mustang, an old truck, a camper trailer, our kids, two dogs and each other.  We moved into a single wide mobile home on my parent’s property Life was not easy but it was time to start over.

I went into Real Estate because at the time it was an easy choice to continue to be self employed, have a flexible schedule and be available for my family.  Real Estate is a CRAZY Full-time Self-Employment Job...lots of demands on my time - ALWAYS on the phone, in my car, at appointments, showing homes or on the computer...After many years in Real Estate I was burnt out and looking for something different.

In 2014 I was re-introduced to network marketing (I was a Tupperware Lady in my past) I hesitantly signed up as a FAVOR for a friend of mine who was a former Realtor.  What I did know was I still wanted flexibility so I could be available and present for my Grands, a way to build a business without manufacturing my own product (been there tried that) I wanted to be able to work from home, didn’t want to carry inventory, didn't want to be away from my family, wanted to blaze my own path and make a good steady income…

Of course I wanted to be my OWN Boss

Of course I was motivated - I was watching her succeed

Of course I wanted to rise to the top of the ranks

Of course I wanted to help others succeed...


I was stubborn and I wanted to do it MY Way after all I had been self-employed for a long time...I REALLY didn’t want to do home parties, coffee with friends, spam texting, all the things that I was being taught....I didn’t want to always talk about my business when I was around my friends and family ..or the waitress, cashier, barista, bartender…UGH made me not want to have my business if this was the only way to get customers or business partners.

So the first 4 years I used my business as my own private store giving away products as gifts, donating product baskets, even buying products to increase my rank - Shocking I KNOW -  and buying extra products for myself… while calling it a business.

I spent 10’s of thousands of dollars one year on coaching, web-capture pages, lead generating systems, I was following multiple leaders in the online business space and buying into their programs… I was GRASPING for anything that I felt could help me…I knew there had to be a better way and I finally found it.


  • I love to cook, I'm learning to grill...and I am terrible at baking
  • I love the smell of fresh cut grass & pavement after it rains and birds singing
  • I am a closet nerd – I love technology
  • I love muscle cars – Ours is a fully Restored 1969 Mach 1 Mustang I have owned it since 1978
  • We enjoy flipping Nasty houses for FUN and Profit
  • I was a Jazzercise instructor for 5 years
  • I am a health nut
  • I love GOOD Oregon Wine
  • We own an Air BNB


Let me help you not make the same mistakes I have made.

Let me help you save thousands of $$.

Let me be your guide through the noise of Internet Helpers, Coaches and Gurus…

Let’s find the right fit for you.

Curious? No pressure I would love to chat and answer any questions to see if by teaming up, we can make some positive changes in YOUR business life!